The rise of Erigon 3 and our new release cycle

The rise of Erigon 3 and our new release cycle

Introducing Erigon 3


After over a year of research, development and implementation we are close to the release of the first official version of Erigon 3 which we believe represents a quantum leap in terms of flexibility, compactness and performance in the industry related to EVM blockchain clients.

In this regard, we have made some important decisions affecting our development and release cycle for new versions of Erigon:

  1. The next release, v2.60.0, will be the last significant release based on Erigon 2. There may be v2.60.x patch releases for critical issues, but in general, we intend for all future development to be based on Erigon 3.
  2. Erigon 3 code now resides in the “main” branch (formerly “e35” branch), which is our new default branch.
  3. Erigon 2 code now resides in the “release/2.60” branch.
  4. In order to improve the quality of future releases, an rc (release candidate) version will initially be released  (starting from 2.60-rc1) subject to a series of quality checks, after about a week, if no problems are found, the rc version will be promoted to official version. If any bugs emerge during the quality control, a second rc version will be released and subsequently a second quality control cycle will start and so on.

In a future post we will talk to you in detail about Erigon 3, stay connected.