Erigon’s Roadmap to 2024

Erigon's Roadmap to 2024

We are late but just a little.


We were supposed to release Erigon 3 by the end of 2023, but we are behind schedule just a little bit; this is our roadmap for 2024:

Erigon 3: there is a version of Erigon 3 very close to release that works on Mumbai (Polygon’s testnet), and in all probability, the first chain that will be able to use Erigon 3 will be Polygon in the first months of 2024, later it will arrive on Ethereum and Gnosis a few weeks after Dencun. Erigon 3 represents the EVM node closest to the efficient software frontier and is designed to have the best performance possible today both as a Full Archive Node and as a Full Node (or other type of pruned nodes).

Erigon++: based first on Erigon 2 and then on Erigon 3, will be enhanced with components written in C++, in particular around the EVM, exploiting the power of evmone ( both at the Core and at the Rpc Engine level. We plan to release the first components of Erigon++ based on Erigon 2 for Ethereum in early 2024. Right now, we are in the testing phase of the first PoC based on Erigon 2; the first components suitable for Erigon 3 are tentatively expected in the first months of 2025.

Caplin Full Archive Node: Caplin was born from the beginning with a dual purpose:

  • Define and separate the Driver and Database Layer components of any blockchain
  • Coherently merge the “so-called” Execution and Consensus layers of Ethereum and Gnosis Chain.

In the current state, Caplin is a component integrated into Erigon that allows the sync of the chain with a single instance but without the possibility of producing blocks, carrying out validator activities or being used as a companion to other execution layers (for example geth or nethermind). In the first part of 2024, with subsequent incremental updates, the full version of Caplin will be released, with Full Archive Node capabilities, torrent snapshotting, block production, validator features and the possibility of being used with execution layers nodes other than Erigon.

From Caplin, the development of Astrid, i.e. our driver vision for the Polygon PoS blockchain, will be derived in 2024/25.

Otterscan: During 2024, Otterscan will be enhanced and adapted to the new Erigon 3 data model and will add the ability to explore the Beacon Chain using the Caplin Full Archive Node.

More focus on code quality, testing, stability and QA

The tumultuous R&D phase that characterized these first three years of Erigon will naturally ease in the second part of 2024. We have already structured the teams that are creating tools and procedures for a greater focus on code quality, testing, stability and Quality Assurance.

This does not mean we will stop innovating; however, we have decided to slow down a little in favor of better user experience support with Erigon and Caplin.