Erigon receives $200,000 grant from BNB Chain to advance technological roadmap

Erigon receives $200,000 grant from BNB Chain to advance technological roadmap


Erigon is thrilled to announce that it has been awarded a grant from BNB Chain worth $200,000 to support its mission of advancing its technological roadmap. This grant will help Erigon move even closer to what it calls the “efficiency frontier” for Ethereum-derived blockchain implementations, which includes three main items on the roadmap: Erigon 3, Erigon 4 (with more updates coming soon), and Caplin.

One of Erigon’s biggest challenges is providing excellent support to its users, which is where the grant from BNB Chain will come in handy. Erigon will use the funds to expand its team and further develop its new diagnostics system, regression testing tools, and pay bounties to external contributors.

Adam Bendjemil, Head of Business Development at BNB Chain, commented on the grant, stating that BNB Chain is proud to support innovative projects in the blockchain space through its grants program. He added, “We aim to provide resources and opportunities for talented developers and entrepreneurs to push the boundaries of what is possible in the blockchain space.”

Alexey Akhunov, Founder of Erigon, expressed excitement about the grant’s potential impact on the company’s mission, stating, “The grant from BNB Chain will support this mission, by helping us find and bring more talent to build together with us. I believe in the vision of the multiplicity of systems, bridged to one another, rather than in a single settlement layer.”

Erigon is grateful for the generous contribution from BNB Chain and looks forward to putting the funds to good use.

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